Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No Moss, No Mas

What a great year for this sports fan. No hockey. (I'm not a hockey fan) (Or a basketball fan, in case you're wondering) Spring training in full swing. And now, the Vikings are trading Randy Moss to Oakland. It's official today.

Those of you who follow NFL football probably think I'm nuts. Moss has set all kinds of records in his first seven years in the NFL, and will doubtless set many more before he retires.

But has he helped us? Have we won any championships?

No, he hasn't, and no we haven't.

Mostly what he's done is act petty and juvenile. If I wanted that I could go hang around a junior high. Heck, I could just stay home; I've got two kids in junior high. And the last thing I need is some millionaire athlete giving my kids the idea they can succeed with that kind of attitude. I want them to think you have to grow out of that stage to succeed.

The way I hear it, a lot of the Vikings players were sick of his attitude, too.

So, good riddance, I say.